About Us


MyCannaJobs.com was created to help people.

Our goal is to provide business solutions through the fusion of technology and strong business relationships. MyCannaJobs.com will benefit the Cannabis Community through services tailored for both employers and employees alike. As a company driven by success, our purpose is to drive industry growth and continuity through comprehensive regulatory compliance. As an industry leader in business process outsourcing, MyCannaJobs.com looks to integrate innovation and efficiency in all valued services.

We solve real world problems by pairing proven procedures with progressive perspectives.


  • Reduce employment liabilty through verifiable compliance
  • Reduce time and resources spent performing traditional HR tasks
  • Focus employee productivity on core competencies
  • Lower labor cost through efficiency
  • Ultimately increase your overall profitablitity


  • Get your career started with our Cannabis Industry Job Board 
  • Receive discounted online training certifications
  • Added resources to build your cannabis resume
  • Educational cannabis informational gallery